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FO: Tova tunic and then some

Wow, it’s been seven months since I dropped off the face of the blogsphere. It’s been a tiring but rewarding seven months. My baby is growing like weed, he is ten months old now and sleeping through the night. Hooray for sleep training. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be crafting anymore because all I could think about was sleep, sleep and sleep.

So, to get back to the swing (sewing) of thing, I chose a simple but satisfying project, the uber-popular Tova top by Jenny Gordy. It took me, well, two weeks to finish this project. Not bad considering I could only sew on friday and saturday night. That right, while some of you are out partying, I stay in and sew. Anyhow, I love how it turns out and been wearing it multiple times.


The fabric is a soft cotton I got from my trip to Indonesia a few years ago, it is like a softer version of quilting cotton. I wasn’t sure that the busy pattern will work out but it does. It’s very autumnal but still cheery at the same time. The pattern is quite easy to follow and oh my god, I love the FO that Jenny puts in her blog even more. I love any garments that Jenny makes, so simple and effortless. I think I plan to make a dozen more Tova with different fabric, that’s how much I love it.

Aside from Tova, I also made a bucket hat for my baby. I made it a few months ago but because he is 90th percentile in head size, this hat is almost too small for him. This pattern is so easy, perfect for me to warm up to sewing again

Here he is wearing the hat while visiting a pumpkin patch



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FO: Cosette Wrap

Let see how long I can keep this blogging thing-y going. I have a few weeks left before I have to bring home the bacon. Till then, I plan to squeeze in as many crafty projects as possible in the midst of caring for the bub and crazy pumping schedule, did I mention that I pump exclusively coz baby boy just won’t latch on?

Anyway, I finished this wrap (my first ever, yay) a few weeks before he arrived.

cosette wrap

Pattern: Cosette wrap by Alana Dakos

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Free Range, sadly this yarn is discontinued and I forget the colorway, let’s just call it honey, shall we?

Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse for the picot edge

Needle: size 9

I am not a wrap person and often time can’t find a proper moment to wear it being in California and such. I mostly spend my time at the comfort of my suburb in San Jose, which is hardly freezing cold and this winter is especially warm. So, the jury is still out whether It’ll get a decent flying time or it is just a one hit wonder and I shouldn’t be spending my precious dollar and time in wrap/shawl project. Having said that, it does help perks up my otherwise plain jane wardrobe

The pattern is very simple and shaped by short row. The only thing is to make sure to track the short rows with a bunch of stitch markers. The short row compensates for the tedious stockinette stitch throughout. I love that it is finished with a picot edge, totally elegant.

The Sanguine Gryphon yarn has a lovely color but a bit itchy, not as buttery as merino wool that I am now accustomed to. I like that it pops out when I wear it with a plain old black or white t-shirt.

You see that bump right there in the picture, I finally come to terms with the fact that it’ll take time for it to go back to its former glory. I was distraught when I ran into a co-worker who thought that the bun was still in the oven three weeks after I gave birth. I am still breast-pumping, so dieting is not an option. I try to exercise regularly to burn it off as much as I can, mostly doing zumba and cardio kickboxing, i do see my weight goes down by the week. This bump is another reason why I hesitate on sewing projects at the moment. I now fit right back into my pre-pregnancy low rider jeans but have a few more pounds to shed before I can fit into my dresses and skirts.

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FO: Rufus Textured Cardigan

I just finished Rufus Textured Cardi for my baby boy.

Pattern: Rufus Textured Cardigan from Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK  in Chana Dal bought at Bobbins Nest Studio, less than 2 hanks. 50% acrylic, 40% wool and 10% nylon

Needle: US size 5 and 6

Size: 12 months

I knitted most of it while traveling in France, so it is certainly very memorable. The pattern is well-written (or should I say well-adapted from the old vintage pattern) and consists of five pieces (back, front left, front right and two sleeves). I would rather knit in one piece though.  The stitch pattern is easy to memorize and definitely makes the cardigan looks very stylish, my baby boy will look hip in an old man kind of way 🙂

The yarn is squishy and soft, I don’t normally knit with acrylic or acrylic blend but I am trying to be practical since I need to throw it into a machine when my baby soils it. The color is so yummy, jewel tone and perfect for next fall when he’s about 9 – 12 months old.

The cardigan is not completely finished, i still need to put on buttons.

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Baby Blankets

I’ve observed a few babies/toddlers and I noticed that their favorite security thing-y is a blanket. My nephew loves this raggedy blanket that his grandma got from a bank promotion and another friend’s baby boy is also madly in love with his blanket.So, I thought my baby boy might like blankets too and I whip up three.


They look simple, aren’t they? I actually spent hours binding them since I am hand-stitching each one. It’s a great project while I am in front telly

Pattern: Simple flannel blanket from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts


100% cotton flannel fabric from Fabric.com, originally intended to interline my Lady Grey Coat

3 different polka-dot nursery fabrics from Jo-Ann

I am glad I stick to gender-neutral colors

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It’s a boy…

The wait is over, I went for my big ultrasound a few days ago and it’s a boy !

Mr. Su and I don’t have a preference with the first one, we want to have one of each. So, we’re not so emotional in the hospital room, which probably puzzled the technician. Regardless, we’re super excited and more importantly, baby looks healthy and every organ is well developed. Not without drama though, my doctor pointed out two bright spots during ultrasound. One by the heart and one by the liver. The one by the heart is normally a sign of down syndrome but quite common among Asian having boys. Additionally, my other pre-natal screening is very negative when it comes to down syndrome so the doctor was not concerned

The one by the liver though was very concerning because it could be a sign of infection. So, I did a blood test to confirm and after an excruciating wait of three days, it’s all good. One of the infection suspects by the way is cat. For you out there, thinking about having a baby, do not consider getting a cat to be on a safe side and if you already have a cat, make sure it stays indoor and get your significant other to change the litter box.

Anyway, I thought I share in case such information is useful to other people. Back to sewing, I made this pair of shoes and bibs for our unborn son.

Booties pattern is from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones (I checked it out from the local library) and the bibs pattern is free from Chickpea Sewing Studio

The fabric is Heather Ross’ Little Dogs, which is now hard to find and I should have stocked up.

The bibs is actually a leftover from baby shower gifts that I made for a bunch pregnant girlfriends having baby boys a few years ago. Back then, I made extra two to keep for myself, I guess it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.




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Peter Rabbit Cross-stitch

The nursery theme is Story Books. My dream is to fill it with a lot of charming/classic story books and posters or wall hanging of the characters. Here is the first wall hanging, a Peter Rabbit cross-stitch. The pattern is from Marie Claire Idees Japan edition

I love Beatrix Potter for her simple stories and charming illustrations. That naughty Peter also reminds me of my naughty childhood. I always caused trouble and constantly seeked attention. I hope my baby won’t be naughty though



If the baby is a girl, I have a few more characters to cross-stitch: Madeline and the Red Riding Hood


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Elephant Softie

My first attempt in sewing a toy


Pattern: Peanut the wee elephant from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gift


Fabric: 1/2 yard of quilting cotton from Timeless Treasures and flannel scrap, both from my stash

This is another stash busting project, I have had this fabric for a while. This project is fun and quick to make. Sewing a toy is not as hard as knitting a toy. I stuff it with a polyester fiber fill, also from my stash for when I was attempting to make a body form (what a complete failure). I hope my baby will cuddle with this elephant a lot

The pattern is from the Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gift. I love love this book so much and has planned a few more baby projects from this book. The patterns are simple, practical and very very stylish.

Just look at that fat tummy 🙂

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