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New Hobby

You know, the ambition to craft every single day before the end of my maternity leave is not happening. The baby is keeping me on my toes and choosing to go back to work at the busiest time means I have to do a lot of legwork to avoid unnecessary all nighters once I am in the office. So what a girl to do to decompress? Well, I am thankful for pumping time because I get to have an uninterrupted 7 x 15 = 105 minutes/day of wandering on the net while pumping. But, there are only so many craft blogs that I can read.

Thank God I have not run out of stuffs to read. I pick up food porn instead, that’s right, I’ve been reading a ton of cooking/baking/eating blogs especially Southeast Asian food blogs. Being far away from home makes me crave my comfort food. Additionally, some of those bloggers are very knowledgeable about the history/story behind the dish. Long story short, I learn a lot. Here are my favorites

Ieat Ishoot Ipost. This is a very funny and informative blogs about eating in Singapore, mostly hawker food plus some fine dining here and there. The author, Dr. Leslie Tay (that’s right, the dude is an MD), not only reviews places to eat in Singapore but also tells the story/history behind each joint. I learn a lot about how immigrants from China in 19th and 20th century shape the Singapore food culture today as we know it

IndoChine Kitchen. I love this blog because the author is based in Medan, the city where I grew up. Each recipe featured in her blog is accompanied by gorgeous step-by-step photos. Every single dish looks yummooo and makes me drool. People often ask me what is Indonesian food and I always have a hard time coming up with an enticing answer. This blog solves my problem. Go check it out if you want to find out more about what is Indonesian and Indonesian Chinese cooking

Rasa Malaysia awesome cooking blog and I have tried many recipes from this blog. Totally kick ass

Ravenous Couple, the blog that makes me appreciate and want to learn more about Vietnamese cooking

Bentolicious, all about Bento making by Lia based in Jakarta. A total eye candy…

Mochachocolata Rita, food blogger based in Hong Kong. She features places to eat in HK and recipe for yummy home cooked meals

Eating Asia Husband and Wife duo writing about eating in Asia. Blog posts have the journalistic flare to it coz these folks write for new york times

David Lebovitz, well this is not Southeast Asian food blog. David is an ex-dessert chef at Chez Panisse who is now based in Paris. His blog feature life in Paris and recipes. I have a soft spot for everything french so I am loving it. Plus, I am in love with his book The sweet life in Paris, so many LOL moments.


I also just discover a few more and will slowly go through them as I pump.

Little Teochew Another cooking blog based in Singapore

Indonesia Eats for when I need to brush up on authentic Indonesian dish

My Cooking Hut by a Malaysian food blogger based in London

What’s your favorite foodie blogs?

On a slightly different note, I was checking my pumping log. Holy cow, I have pumped about 1837 oz milk and my baby has almost doubled his birth weight. I shall give myself a pat on the back.





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